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This site is a work in progress as I learn how to use Gatsby.


My name is Krystal Klumpp. I'm a Senior UI Engineer at SoFi.

I primarily work with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 & responsive design techniques.

Why I'm an engineer

Before I became a developer, one criticism I often heard was that I was always trying to learn something new. Jack of all trades, master of none and all that nonsense. But programming is a field where an overly developed sense of curiosity is a basic requirement just to remain relevant. And now this 'weakness' is a strength.


About me

After graduating with a BA in Japanese Language and Literature from the University of Georgia, I took the next logical step and enlisted in the U.S. Army. While in the Army I worked as a target audience analyst and cultural expert over the course of two deployments to Afghanistan.

Post-Army I spent two months on a solo bike tour across the U.S. before moving to Harbin, China for 7 months. After Harbin taught me what cold really means, I headed over to Japan where I lived off of ramen and Pocky for 3 years (yes, I know you're likely weeping with jealousy right now). In Tokyo, I attended the Communication Studies program at Temple University in Tokyo, Japan. Though I had intended to become a journalist, I quickly became more interested in how information was being presented than in the information itself.

Aside from the aspects of multimedia journalism that initially caught my attention, the main draw of programming for me was the need to continuously learn and grow.